Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cupcakes back.....and she made Hamballs!

Whew, I've been a bit absent these past few critiques but all is well and here I am back with hamballs! I picked this recipe because it won 1st place in the Taste of Home contest and I wanted to be the real judge!! First I will say this was an exceptionally easy recipe! They hardest part of it was finding plain ground pork and not already seasoned pork ready to be made into sausage. I used cooked ham and ground it up with my food processor (the new love of my life btw!) and mixed everything together.

It is a pretty mushy consistency, not like ground beef meatballs, so I was a bit thrown off. I was also worried because the meat mixture didn't call for any seasoning. I used my handy cookie scoop to make the balls.
The sauce had to be cooked but that only took a few minutes because all you had to do was dissolve the brown sugar. (After tasting the hamballs I figured out why no sauce! I even used the low sodium type and it was plenty of salt for the hamballs)
The rest was a cinch....just pour the sauce over the hamballs and bake. That's pineapple chunks in the sauce if you were wondering. The recipe is for an entree so they suggest serving it with white rice. Personally and the rest of the Real Women agreed, I think this recipe would be awesome as an appetizer instead of an entree. The rice didn't add to the dish and after baking there wasn't enough sauce to really put any on the rice.
Overall, we all agreed this was a 5 spoon recipe! I am excited to replace the same old meatballs in sweet n sour sauce with these! I am going to work on a new name though.....hamballs?! Just doesn't sound right to me :)

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