Monday, March 15, 2010

Our next critique.....

Cupcake here and I wanted to wet your appetites with an update..... Our next meeting of Real Women will be March 27th on the (Cupcake and Saucy's) porch! Not going to spill the beans on what book we chose but I will say my recipe has lots of steps so I'm kinda nervous! Its going to use all my skills to pull this one off....but the combination of ingredients just sounded so good I couldn't resist! Oh and here is another the meeting we all randomly pull out what category we will fix and Sweet Jeanette's first comment was "No please not yeast, I'm scared of yeast". You will have to tune in to see if Sweet Jeanette's nightmare of yeast did come true, whether my many stepped recipe turns out and how we all fare with this new cookbook. See you soon!


  1. It's true.... I have a fear of yeast! Yeast doesn't like me!!! ROFL My dish is an easy one this time and I'm not telling until we have our "Cook-N-Critique" either!


  2. I was scared of yeast too until last thanksgiving. I made homemade rolls and they turned out great! No more fear. This was despite the fact the Yeast had expired in 2007 too.