Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confessions of a Sloppy Kitchen Cabinet

Ok, it's true confessions time.   I'm going to let you peak into my before/after pics.  I was up to here with pans falling out of the cabinet!  I had been neglecting this cabinet because due to a death in my husband's family, family commitments of my own, and just running around like a chicken-with-my-head-cut-off lately, this had been ignored.   Oh, I still was baking and cooking, and of course cleaning the dishes, but as for putting them away in an organized fashion... well, look for your self

I must really like you to be showing you this!
What makes matters worse, that's about all the kitchen cabinet space I have!  (well, I have cabinets higher up, but those are for dishes)

First, I had to pull everything out.  Thank goodness I have a fairly long counter space (again, that's about all the space I have)
(and yes, I DO need that many cookie sheets)  LOL
Now that it's all out on the counter, I start weeding through things I haven't used, but thought it necessary to buy at one point.  Snapped pics of 'em with my iphone and texted some other ladies to ask if they had a use for these things.  Got their quick responses and went straight to my car (and put them in batches) in my trunk to deliver.  Out of sight, out of mind, ya know.

Cleaned out the cabinets, wiped 'em down really well and back in they go!

There you have it.  I feel a bit better now.   At least I'm not afraid to open the cabinet doors now.  How about you?  Do you dare share your kitchen cabinet insides?  Leave a comment below.  I showed you mine...


  1. Lol I think we share the same cupboard! Open it, get what you want and shut it really quick as to not let anything fall out! Lol
    My kitchen does have reasonable amount of cupboard space but im to short to reach half of them! haha

    Oh i stopped by from seeing your blog link on blogfrog. :)

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