Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey!  Ya know what?  We really love comments. 
I mean it!   We really do!
So, if you're reading this, please tell us you're there!

Let us know we're not just talking to ourselves, ok?   You know what it's like, you're walking alongside a friend at the mall and you're talking to her and turn around and she's not there, but there's this guy standing there looking at you like you've ran out of your medication....    You feel so... so....  well, just talk to us, ok?   (giggle)

We really do love hearing from you!   Got any suggestions?  Let us hear it!

Thanks bunches and bunches!
Sweet Jeanette


  1. Since I have found your blog, I have been listening ;-)


  2. I'm listening and am writing to tell you I was here. Guess I will be more optically vocal! ;-)

  3. I read your blog, but I love pictures. Maybe some extra pic of what we're cooking would help! :)

  4. I'm hear and listening! You are not alone! :)