Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello Saucy here just reminding everyone about our next critique. I am so excited. Cupcake and D-licious couldn't make up their minds which recipe to prepare sooooooooooooo they are both making two dishes. D-licious said she had to fix the recipe the author said is so good it is worth the price of the book and the other recipe just sounded so yummy she couldn't pass it up. Now Cupcake's recipes are yummy sounding too. The first recipe Cupcake is preparing she chose because the author of the book says she gets the most requests to prepare this dish. The second recipe she chose because it is full of some of her favorite things. Hmmmmmmmmmm what could those be? Now me I am the old lady of the group so I am only preparing one dish. Can't wait to use the Cuisinart. Sweet Jeanette and Becky haven't hinted at what recipes the chose but I bet they will be great. You will have to check back to find out. I have a feeling we will be satisfied with this cookbook.
Bye for now.

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