Thursday, January 14, 2010

Real Women Romano's!!

Cupcake here...
Visions of spanikopita dance in my head at the mere mention of Romano's Greek Restaurant in Brandon, FL! The Women gathered there recently for lunch and some heavy duty, highly detailed and very professional food critique. Okay so maybe "yummy" isn't exactly the technically correct food critique verbiage but when things taste so good you just say the first thing to come to mind! Our luncheon started with Debbie giving us the daily specials. We (SweetJeanette, Cupcake, Sarah and Darlene) began with the Humus appetizer. You get a plate full of Humus covered in olive oil, onions and tomatoes on the side and warm pita chips to dip. It was awesome! Darlene just kept saying "wow"....and for good reason, it was smooth, creamy, garlicky goodness all on a tastey pita chip! We also chose the Greek Express Lunch; a Greek salad, spanikopita and a soda. The Greek salad is loaded up with goodies; ham, feta cheese, onions, olives....even potato salad on the bottom. I personally love the salad "all the way", but it was easy to customize the salad for pickier eaters. The dressing is a creamy Greek and full of flavor. The spanikopita had a flaky phyllo crust and is filled with warm spinach, cheese and garlic (three of my favorite things) and comes with a side of tzatziki for dipping. Our other partner in crime Becky got the Ham and Cheese Sub, not really Greek but huge and "yummy" all the same. I should also mention that we had a 4 year old addition to our Real Women outing on this day. Winter ordered the Pita Pizza Kids meal, which Debbie our awesome waitress brought out first (and she also brought a coloring book and crayons to entertain as well!!), Winter's response "pizza, yummy", a true foodie in the making! We topped our meal off with the Baklava cheesecake. Its a beautiful dessert that smells heavenly. It was moist, not too cheesy and had just enough light syrup drizzled on top (we also detected REAL whipped cream!). Overall, Romano's is a great restaurant and is unanimously approved by us at Real Women Eat. Make sure you get there early (it fills up fast) and enjoy a little taste of Greek food in the middle of Brandon!


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  2. Hey Jeanette, we love Greek food, but didn't know there was a good Greek restaurant in Brandon. We've gone over to Tarpon for good Greek food before. Romano's sounds more like Italian, and I see in the phone book they list Italian food too. Will have to check this place out :-) Thanks for the review.